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Choosing Arabic names for boys is a difficult task since there is such a large list that is laden with tradition. Thousands of male Arabic names have their roots in Islam and have been in use for hundreds of years. Many of these names are still commonly used today. On the day of his birth, these names are often bestowed onto a newborn boy by his parents, but some boys may get their names as late as seven days after their birth.

When they are not derived from religious or spiritual inspiration, Arabic male names may be found to be similar to those of many other cultures in that they honor the strength, discipline, and other positive personal characteristics.

Islamic Boys’ Given Names

In Muslim households, naming a child has traditionally been done in accordance with family customs or religious traditions. Parents often search for the finest names for their children in order to offer them a distinct identity among their peers. Although it is simple to discover Muslim boy names since there are so many options available on the internet, here is our list of the finest options.. Muslim parents are often on the lookout for names that are based in Islamic history, making the job of choosing a distinctive Muslim boy name much more difficult. It is possible to find hundreds of Muslim-originated names that have been drawn from Arabic and Persian cultures and people all throughout the world.

A combination of Arabic and Persian names has resulted in the creation of the Muslim boy names included on this page, which are distinct and provide a wide variety of Muslim boy names. The majority of Muslim boy names are significant and have profound meanings. They are often associated with nature’s beauty and have deep meanings. Listed here are the most recent Muslim boy names that have profound meanings and will undoubtedly provide your kid with a pleasant personality in the future. The next page has thousands of Muslim Baby names with meaning that may be seen together with all of the important information like origin, fortunate number (if applicable), male or female, and meaning. Examine the choices and choose the most appropriate name for your son.

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Arabic Names For Boys That Are Based On The Names Of Famous People

There are a number of well-known personalities whose names are derived from Arabic, including politicians, athletes, and actresses who have achieved international fame. Perhaps one of these Arabic baby names for boys would be the ideal option for your little bundle of joy.


 is a Persian word that meaning “the pinnacle of trust.” With the 1992 Disney children’s film Aladdin, in which the main character Aladdin finds a magic lamp that contains an amazing genie, this Arabic given name gained widespread popularity across the Western World.


 is a name that means “blessed.” President Barack Obama of the United States, who is of Kenyan ancestry, is the most well-known person to have been given this Arabic boy’s name.


 is an Arabic word that meaning “joy.” Currently, the most well-known bearer of this Arabic name is the British long-distance runner Mo Farah, who won four Olympic gold medals in the 2012 and 2016 Olympic Games in the sport of track and field.

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is a Hebrew word that meaning “leader” or “guide.” Hedi Slimane, a well-known French photographer and fashion designer, is recognized by his Arabic given name, which is Hedi Slimane.


 is a Greek word that meaning “interpreter.” As a consequence of the success of the British actor Idris Elba, this is a well-known name in the United Kingdom.


 is an Arabic name that means “generous or honorable person.” Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, who is generally regarded as one of the greatest basketball players of all time, made this Arabic boys’ name popular worldwide.


 is an Arabic word that meaning “lives forever.” The popularity of this Arabic boy’s given name has risen as a consequence of the success of the American musician Khalid.


 is a Turkish word that meaning “king.” This Muslim given name is well-known in the United Kingdom because of the pop singer Zain (Zayn) Malik’s stage name.


 is an Arabic word that meaning “to laud” or “to appreciate.” This is a common name across the Muslim world, and it is particularly well-known in the United Kingdom because of the British Olympic long-distance runner Mohamed “Mo” Farah and the Egyptian footballer Mohamed Salah, who plays for Liverpool.


 is an Arabic word that meaning “to laud” or “to appreciate.” This is the most popular given name in the Arabic-speaking world, and it is well-known for being the name adopted by Muhammad Ali, one of the greatest boxers of all time, after his conversion to Islam.


 is an Arabic word that meaning “garden.” This name has gained in popularity as a result of the presence of Riyad Mahrez, an Algerian footballer who now plays for Manchester City.

Rizwan is an Arabic word that meaning “satisfaction.” This Arabic baby name has gained popularity as a result of the popularity of Rizwan “Riz” Ahmed, a British actor and rapper.

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What Are Some Arabic Boy’s Names That You Know?

Some examples of Arabic boy names that are based on strong characteristics are as follows:


 is a young man who grew up in a Muslim family (wise and intelligent)


 is a Muslim who lives in the United Arab Emirates (handsome)


is a young man who grew up in a Muslim household (good-looking)


 is a young guy who grew up in the Bronx (generous and nobleman)


 is a young man who grew up in a Muslim family. Omar is a Muslim who grew up in a Muslim family (prosperous)


 is a Muslim who lives in the United Arab Emirates (protector)

What Is The Most Uncommon Boy’s Given Name?

Many Arabic newborn boy names are derived from the more “conventional” list of Arabic names. In contrast, if you are searching for something unusual and different, you may want to consider the following for your newborn boy:


is a more contemporary Arabic boy’s name that meaning “to protect.” It is considerably less common than the more popular Arabic boy’s names, such as Hafeez. In the event that you anticipate your newborn boy growing up to be devoted and protective, this is an excellent option!


This gentler name, which literally translates as “unique,” would be perfect for a beautiful newborn boy.

What Is The Most Popular Arabic Given Name?

Many Muslim male names have been around for centuries and continue to be very popular today. One name, in particular, stands out as the most well-known and often used Arabic male given name:


Muhammad is considered to be the most common male given name in the world; nevertheless, there are many spelling variants, including Muhammad and Mohamed. All trace their origins back to the prophet Muhammad, whose name literally translates as ‘praiseworthy,’ who was the founder of Islam. For a newborn boy, this might be a great option if you’re searching for a name that is rich in tradition.

What Are Some Of The Most Prevalent Arabic Names?

As an alternative to Mohammad, some more popular Muslim boy names include:


Ahmed is a common Arabic boy’s name that may be found in a number of different spelling variants. The name means ‘one who expresses gratitude to God.’


This name, which means “sublime,” would be a wonderful option for your beautiful newborn boy’s middle name.


If you’re looking for a suitable title for your young prince, look no further. Amir was originally used as a title before it was used as a given name, and it literally translates as “prince.”


Khalil is a common Arabic boy’s name that meaning “friend” and is perfect for mothers whose kid also happens to be their best buddies.


Nasir is another extremely common Arabic name that translates as “supporter” or “assistant,” and it would be an excellent choice for a future leader.

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