5 Steps to Take When Considering New Hires

As you seek to complete your team, you may be interviewing a lot of people and checking out several resumes and job search websites. Regardless, it’s important to ensure you hire the right candidate. After all, hiring mistakes can be costly. While you may be close to hiring some new people at your company, take some time to consider these points before you do: 

Screen them thoroughly

It’s not always a fun thing to do, but performing an employee background check on your candidate is essential. You need to be sure that you’re hiring a candidate with integrity so that you can trust them on the job. This also protects your team and business from any issues that could result in severe consequences, such as stealing money or company assets. 

Screening is something that you may wish you didn’t have to do, but it can make a big difference for your company. 

Consider their status in the country

As you strive to find the right candidates, you may find that some people may be from another country. In some instances, the candidate may have the perfect resume for what you’re looking for. Before hiring them, it’s essential to consider their status in the U.S. before you commit to bringing them on. 

As long as they have a valid working permit with plenty of time left on it and you’re able to hire foreigners, go for it. Consider speaking to an immigration lawyer to find out the ins and outs of hiring people from other countries. 

Get in touch with people who have previously employed them

Most potential candidates these days will include references in their resumes or will be happy to provide some upon request. Reaching to their former employers can help you get an idea of whether or not they can bring the expertise and integrity you want. 

While you want to be careful about believing everything references say, as people are humans and some bosses may have a personal opinion on someone for whatever reason, it’s a helpful way to learn some insights into the potential people you’ll have on your team. Knowing who you’re hiring can also reduce unemployment in your company.

Test their ability

Before you bring on specific hires for jobs that require a high level of skill, it’s important that you take the time to investigate if the candidate has the expertise you need. Skill test websites can help you to get an idea of whether or not the candidate can bring the kind of knowledge you’re looking for. 

You can either have the potential employee come in for a second interview or use a link to a specific site to test their skills online. While it is a time-consuming process in some ways, it can help you avoid hiring people who can’t get the job done right. 

Ask your reliable team members for suggestions

You may use a site like Indeed or industry-specific hiring websites to find your ideal candidates. Perhaps you attend conferences or other networking events to meet talent in the industry. Another option is to speak to the high performers that you already have on your team. 

Chances are they know another great talent that you can bring on to the team. Ask your acquaintances as well, as you may be able to find hidden gems that you may have otherwise never found browsing job search engines. 

In Conclusion

As you look around for new employees and consider hiring them, take time to consider the idea of monitoring or screening employee candidates. You want to be sure you’re bringing on people you can trust and who can provide the expertise needed for your specific needs. Fortunately, the tips above can help you find suitable candidates for the job. Don’t be afraid to take your time since this is a significant decision to make. Trust us; you’ll be glad you did once a trustworthy employee is onboarded at your company.

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