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5 Marketing Strategies For Your CBD Product

CBD is a magic elixir that comes with various benefits (physical, social, and mental). This explains why it is one of the trending consumer goods. With many people adopting CBD, more consumer brands are springing up.

There are various forms of CBD-infused products like edibles, gummies, oil, pills, vapes, and even treats for dogs. Besides, there are many daily products we use that contain CBD like cream, lotions, coffee, etc. It is not surprising that CBD is a space for entrepreneurs and innovators, with so many brands coming up.

According to research, CBD products’ total consumer sales in the U.S. rose from $108.1 million to $262.2 billion (USD) between 2014 and 2016. By 2020, the consumer sale of CBD will have increased to 1.15 billion U.S. dollars and a projected increase of 1.98 US Dollars by 2022. This statistic is encouraging news for every business owner and investors that want to enter the space.

Sadly, however, major advertising channels like Google, Amazon, Facebook, do not allow paid ads for CBD products. As a result, these brands have to stand out with valuable organic content backed up by rigid SEO strategies and other marketing campaigns.

A few of the marketing strategies to effectively advertise CBD products are discussed below,

1.   Focus Offline

Since Google, Twitter, and others restrict paid advertising for CBD products, CBD brands need to get creative.

We recommend getting to prospective customers at the grassroots level. There are various channels through which CBD brands can reach the target customer. Events like outdoor exposition, farmer’s market, health and wellness retreats, etc. are perfect channels.

These are proven channels, in which you get to explain your CBD products to targets. They smell it, experiment with it, and even try it. Via this channel, you can get priceless and authentic photos for further marketing. Images and videos of real people trying your product will speak volumes. The priceless expression on their face alongside their feedback will go a long way to stand your brand out.

This is an excellent way to get user-generated content, which can help build trust. Above all, this is a perfect way to generate customer-centric content that your target audience will love.

2.   Have a Physical Address

You can stand out by having a physical address, not running strictly as an e-commerce business. This can help you accelerate and provide better service to your target.

A physical address is not about having a physical shop where you sell CBD products to customers. We are talking about a place where customers can interact with you, where they can meet with a professional and get their queries resolved. Places like a doctor’s office, a clinic, a pharmacy, or even a pet store is a good idea.

As useful as CBD is, many people are still skeptical about it. Yes, there is much research about its effectiveness, but some people will feel safe in a professional’s hands. As a result, a place that reflects professionalism, where they can get answers to their questions, will give potential users the confidence to try CBD products and buy CBD tincture oil that works.

3.   Be Smart With Social Media

While CBD products are currently restricted from paid advertising on Facebook and other social media, it does not stop you from building a social presence. Do not stay away from Social Media completely; just play by the rules.

You can even run generic ads provided your copy and image do not portray only CBD. Besides, be careful not to make any claim. Do not tell your audience that CBD can treat anything. You are better off developing your brand story around an audience. Also, you should keep them engaged with relevant information.

4.   CBD Focused Blog for Content Marketing

Content marketing is one of the potent arms of digital marketing that can help you target cold prospects. Bear in mind that a lot of people are searching for:

  • What CBD can do
  • Types of CBD products
  • Health benefits of CBD products
  • Side effects of CBD
  • Is CBD safe for pets?
  • Many variants of CBD products
  • Where to buy CBD products, etc

There are hundreds of such related search items that your prospective customers need answers too.

With relevant answers to many of these queries, you can efficiently get your products to these prospective customers by driving them to your website. You can approach content marketing for CBD in many ways. With an SEO optimized blog, you can market CBD products to prospects without advertising. The aim is to publish blog articles that answer the user’s question.

5.   Affiliate Marketing and CBD Influencers.

You should strive to have high engagement on Instagram. It is a proven way to get your content to the screen of interested prospects.

For people using influencers already, you can offer successful influencers an affiliate marketing program. This way, they will be able to talk about your CBD products with their followers.

Besides Instagram, you can also consider bloggers. There are hundreds of CBD related blogs that turn out unique content to thousands of their fans. Make sure to only go for top bloggers that have established themselves as an authority in the field.

There are some remarkable ways you can work with these bloggers:

  • You either hire them to write content for your CBD blogs or have a guest post on their blog.
  • You can offer them an affiliate marketing program that benefits both parties.

This can open your brand to a whole new audience level, which could translate to increased sales for your website.


While we await various social media channels to lift restrictions on advertising CBD products, it is essential to consider viable alternatives. With this, CBD brands can get their products to prospective customers that might be interested.

Even if these channels do not lift their restrictions, the various marketing strategies we have discussed here will go a long way in making you stand out in your bid to attract the target customers


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